Pre-Contest Vote 2015: Lithuania

Welcome back to the ESC Views’ Pre-Contest Vote 2015! If you are still unfamiliar with what this involves (all semi-final one countries now reviewed), go ahead and click this link to take you to the ‘Launch Page’ of the competition. We are starting on the second semi-final songs today, and as we review more of the entries this year, the launch page is the place to find every one of our articles.

Today we are looking at Lithuania, who will open the Thursday semi-final. Vaidas Baumila, a popular singer in his own country, has teamed up with Monika, a cute fresh-faced female who has tried multiple times to represent the Baltic nation. The song, ‘This Time’, is a happy little number with a toe-tapping sort-of beat throughout, and a chorus that perhaps drags on a tad too much towards the end. Does performing first ruin their chances? Do their voices work well together? When do Lithuania ever do any good? Let us know of course. The new official video came out recently – check it out below.

Our opinions:

Rory – This has grown on me since it was picked in February..I really do like the studio version – it seems a lot more intimate. Hopefully, they’ll be able to repeat that intimacy onstage.  Score: 7 points out of 12.

Lauren – I honestly think that this is one of Lithuania’s best entries in recent years. It’s simple yet catchy, and I really like it!  Score: 7 points out of 12.

Lewis – This definitely surpasses Lithuania’s recent songs, no shoes called Love and Spain in this one! It’s got a nice guitar backing and it’s brilliantly sung. I can certainly see some inspiration has been taken from The Common Linnets and it’s one of the endangered non-ballad species! Score: 7 points out of 12.

Reece – A great song by Lithuania, who never threaten to win, nor finish with nul points. The connection between the two singers is evident, and this could well qualify much to some fans’ surprise. Deserves more attention. Score: 8 points out of 12.

So now that you know what we think of the Lithuanian song (29 out of a possible 48 points), what do you think of it? Tell us by voting in the poll!

By the time this series is over, we will know which country you think will succeed in this year’s contest. For now, if you have any other thoughts and opinions, leave a comment!


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