Pre-Contest Vote 2015: Malta

Welcome back to the ESC Views’ Pre-Contest Vote 2015! If you haven’t heard about what this is and how it all works, feel free to click this link to take you to the ‘Launch Page.’ As more of these articles are written, you’ll be able to freely move between one country and the other, to see our opinions and leave thoughts of your own!

Today we are looking at Malta, who are represented by Amber, a 23-year-old who has tried several times to represent the determined Mediterranean country. Her song in Vienna is ‘Warrior’ (one of two tunes with the same title this year) – a powerful anthemic ballad with a driving beat and clear, strong vocals. ‘Warrior’ crushed the opposition during the national final in Malta, receiving twelve points from every member of the jury, as well as another douze points from the public. Early on, it was seen as a strong bet for success, but now has slipped in popularity – mid-table seems more likely now.

Our opinions:

Rory – I didn’t like it when it was picked and I still don’t like it.. I mean, I don’t get the hype! It’s far too incongruous for my liking!! She’ll probably go on and do well, but for me it wouldn’t be deserved. Score: 3 points out of 12.

Lewis – The changes made to this song look amazing, but my only concern is Amber’s live performance in Marsa wasn’t exactly one of a potential winner. Nonetheless, I’m expecting this one to do quite well, it’s high on my personal ranking too. Score: – 7 points out of 12.

Reece – Good, but not brilliant this one. Amber’s vocals are the highlight, but the revamped version of the song is not to everyone’s liking – juries will dish out points here there and everywhere, while the public might say ‘pass’. Score: 6 points out of 12.

Lauren – This one shares a title with Georgia’s entry this year, and like the other ‘Warrior’ I quite like this one. With a rousing chorus and pretty string instruments, this one will likely do pretty well. Score: 7 points out of 12.

A mixed-bag of comments there and a total of 23 points for Malta from us. But you may have other thoughts – vote below in the poll and let us know!

At the end of this series, we will know exactly what you think of the Maltese song this year… is it their best shot at victory yet? Will they even qualify? Where is Malta anyway? (South of Italy by the way). Any other opinions – leave a comment!


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