Pre-Contest Vote 2015: Norway

Hey guys, and welcome back to ESC Views’ Pre-Contest Vote 2015! Feel free to click here to find out more if this is currently new to you.  Today we’ll be focusing on Norway’s entry, A Monster Like Me by Mørland and Debrah Scarlett.In typical Scandinavian fashion, Norway has typically been a country which sees the contest as less of an annual huge laugh and more of a serious song contest.  This song is no exception.  Filled with elegant strings and powerful voices, this is definitely not a song that screams, ‘Hey, I don’t care about this contest! Let’s make our country a laughing stock for a night!’ (yes, we’re looking at you, Scooch).

Our opinions:
Reece: In my opinion, the best-written song of the year – slow, simple, but effective. Debrah’s live vocals will need improvement, but this slow-burner should secure a good result for Norway. 10/12.

Rory: This song really has started to grow on me.. I think though that maybe it might be a bit too late for the big outburst, but I’m sure they’ll do well – they have a loyal fanbase, no? 6/12

Lewis: This song is absolutely amazing! It’s just the right mix of ballad and soulful singing, and I’m thinking that this one is going to do very well, it’s one of my favourites this year. 10/12

Lauren: In truth, I want to call this song pretentious and trite, but…I just can’t.  We don’t see this sort of thing in Eurovision too often, and actually, I quite like it, although it is reminiscent of Adele’s Skyfall.  Of course, that may just be me…7/12.

Altogether, we gave this song 33/48.  But what do you think? Like always, have your say in the poll down below!

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