ESC Views Pre-Contest Vote: Latvia

Hi, and welcome to today’s edition of ESC Views Pre-Contest Vote! If you don’t really understand what’s going on here, then feel free to click here to find out more! Today’s victim – um, I mean, subject – is Latvia, with the song Love Injected by Aminata.

It seems as though Latvia is often overlooked in Eurovision.  It has won only once, and hasn’t qualified since 2008.  Still, I feel as though this song will do pretty well – it definitely has the sound for it.

Our opinions:

Rory: For the first time ever, I actually am a fan of Latvia’s song – like, this is totally unheard of…I would have preferred someone like MNTHA go, but this is a strong effort by the Latvians and I’d be hoping that it emerges to be a bit of a dark horse in the semi-final! Might steal a spot from that devil Sweden… 10/12.

Reece: Not a fan of this – it is different, but I find it far too slow and boring. Decent vocals and a swell in fan support should see Latvia back in the final – could ever push for a top-half place. 4/12

Lewis: This is definitely the most commercially viable Latvian entry for ages, no cakes are being baked here! It’s sort of in a genre of its own and I really hope it qualifies from the semi-finals, although it might not be to everybody’s tastes. 7/12

Lauren: This song is fresh and powerful, and Aminata herself has a very powerful voice.  However, there’s quite a high chance that it’ll continue Latvia’s trend, and fail to qualify, as there isn’t really much to set it apart.  6/12.

So, out of 48, we gave Love Injected 27.  But what do you think? As always, have your say here! Stay tuned, as Rory will be taking on Azerbaijan!

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