ESC Views Pre-Contest Vote 2015: Switzerland

Hi, and welcome back to ESC Views Pre-Contest Vote! Like usual, this is the segment where we listen to a song from each country, then write our opinions about it – but you can vote too, in the poll below! If you still don’t really get the concept, then please click here to find out more!  Today we’ll be focusing on Switzerland’s entry, Time to Shine by Mélanie René.

Switzerland is most notable for being neutral during times of war, Toblerones, and hosting the very first Eurovision song contest in 1956, which they also won (way to take the heat off the other countries, right, Suisse?).  However, they’ve only won once since then, and have come last seven times and received nul points four times.  I think it’s safe to say that they haven’t done brilliantly, but could Mélanie change that?

Our opinions:

Rory: I feel pretty indifferent to Switzerland this year…Like, I’d have much preferred Debrah Bough go instead of Mélanie..but the song is a nice departure from normal Eurovision songs…It won’t have a hope in hell of qualifying, but I wish her well. 5/12.

Reece: I don’t think much of this – the Swiss really should’ve sent Timebelle, who would’ve done much better in Vienna. The song is bland, even though it tries to be powerful – very so-so. 5/12.

Lewis: It definitely isn’t the best song in the contest this year, and I just feel it’s one that could be easily lost in the semi-finals among all the songs with their own identities. 4/12.

Lauren: Well, it isn’t bad, by any means, but it’s not great either.  Let’s face it, Time to Shine is completely average, and there’s nothing to set it apart from the other entries that have similar themes of growing stronger and more awesome, à la Daenerys Targaryen.  Mélanie has a good voice, though, so she could build a career for herself on that.  6/12.

We gave Time to Shine by Mélanie René a 20 out of 48.  But what did you think about this song? As always, have your say below!

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