Pre-Contest Vote 2015: Poland

Welcome back to the ESC Views’ Pre-Contest Vote 2015! If you haven’t heard about what this is and how it works, feel free to click this link to take you to the ‘Launch Page.’ As more of these articles are written, you’ll be able to freely move between one country and the other, to see our opinions and lave thoughts of your own!

Today we are looking at Poland, who have picked an entry that couldn’t be further from the butter-churning antics we saw in Copenhagen last year. Monika Kuszyńska will close the second semi with ‘In The Name Of Love’, a grade-A dreary number that fails to go anywhere, and is a bit of a poor entry to finish what is a cracking semi-final lineup on the whole. Monika has had so-so success in her own country as a soloist, but fared well as a member of a popular pop-rock group a few years back. Interestingly, she is paralysed from the waist down – some fans have commented on how the staging will appear because of her impairment.

Our opinions:

Rory – I am really inspired by Monika’s background and her path that has led her to singing on the Eurovision. The song is quite….”nice”, but if they don’t experiment with the staging a little, we might not be seeing Poland on May 23rd.  Score: 7 points out of 12.

Lewis – TBC.  Score: 5 points out of 12.

Reece – Chronically boring, I can honestly see myself popping out the room when this one comes on. I’d be very surprised if it qualified – sorry Poland, but despite a nice female voice, it’s not enough. Score: 3 points out of 12.

Lauren – TBC. Score: – points out of 12.

That’s our opinions then – a total of – points for Poland from us here at ESC Views. But you may have other thoughts – vote below in the poll and let us know!

At the end of this series, we will know exactly what you think of the Polish song this year… will there be any sympathy votes? Is it too dreary or completely wonderful? Is she a Slavic girl who knows how to use her ‘charming beauty’? Any other opinions – leave a comment!

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