ESC Views Pre-Contest Vote 2015: Austria

Hi, and welcome back to ESC Views Pre-Contest Vote 2015! If this makes no sense to you (the same way algebra does to me), then please click here to find out more! Today, we’ll be focusing on Austria, with their entry, I Am Yours by The Makemakes.As you likely know, Austria won 2014’s competition, with their song Rise Like A Phoenix performed by Conchita Wurst.  Conchita, you may remember, is a drag queen that, notably, had a beard.  This led to many people accusing others of only giving high points to Austria to “make a statement”.  There’s none of that this year, as I Am Yours is a stripped-down, calm song, which is a nice break from all the ballads, and personally reminds me of Hozier. Our opinions: Rory: When the Makemakes were selected to go to Eurovision, I was very ‘Oh god, we’ve got another ballad here!’. But on closer inspection, it’s slowly started to grow on me…I don’t think they’ll do the double, but at least Austria are having a good stab at it! 5/12. Reece: A nice, simple tune for the host nation, who are clearly not going for a double-win. Could well end up right towards the bottom in all fairness – will not leave any impact. 7/12. Lewis: It isn’t the best song in the contest, neither is it one that deserves nul points, but it’s fair to say ORF are safe from hosting again next year. 5/12 Lauren: I quite like this one.  It’s very different from last year, and there’s nothing the conservative moral guardians are going to explode about, so it’s likely that they’re not going aiming to win again.  Still, this is probably one of my favourite songs this year! 10/12. Altogether, we gave The Makemakes’ I Am Yours 27 points out of 48.  But what did you think? As always, have your say in the poll below!

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