Pre-Contest Vote 2015: Germany

Welcome back to the ESC Views’ Pre-Contest Vote 2015! If you haven’t heard about what this is and how it works, feel free to click this link to take you to the ‘Launch Page.’ As more of these articles are written, you’ll be able to freely move between one country and the other, to see our opinions and lave thoughts of your own!

Today we take a look at Germany – winners on two previous occasions. Will it be a third? No is the answer. For the second consecutive year, it’s the ‘wildcard’ German national final entrant that ends up winning the golden ticket to Eurovision. Ann Sophie, a 24 year-old LONDON born pop-soul singer will take to the stage in Vienna with ‘Black Smoke’, a catchy, sassy number that sees her strut about the stage, wave her arms about, and also shout maybe just a little during the chorus. This is no Elaiza, but certainly no Lena either. The song is also co-written by Ella Eyre, currently doing quite well for herself in the UK charts recently. And just to think – we could’be been talking about Andreas Kümmert instead (but he turned down the opportunity – tut tut).

Our opinions:

Rory – In a storm that was Unser Song für Österreich, Ann Sophie was declared the winner..And I’m very happy with that. If Andreas has gone to Vienna, Germany would have replicated the results of Cascada and Elaiza,whereas with Ann Sophie, we’re going to get a solid performance with a steady placing!! Score: 10 points out of 12.

Lewis – I’ll be honest, I would’ve preferred Ann Sophie to Andreas. Germany truly do seem to be back on the road to high-scoring Eurovision songs, and I think this year will be decisive one, and a good stage presence will pay dividends. They definitely won’t be finding it hard to say the decisive three words: L’Allemagne, douze points! Can we export Electro Velvet to Germany and do a trade? Score: 10 points out of 12.

Reece – A very nice, albeit not-in-the-slightest outstanding entry. This seems to be the issue with Germany in the contest. A decent song, but just lacking that extra something to make it a contender. Top ten, but only if the performance is truly great. Score: 7 points out of 12.

Lauren – Ann Sophie’s voice is kind of grating, right? I mean, she isn’t a bad singer, but her voice is just…eh. Still, the song itself isn’t bad, and it’s the sort of thing the juries will go crazy for. Score: 5 points out of 12.

That’s our opinions then –  32 out of 48 points to Germany from us here at ESC Views. But you may have other thoughts – vote below in the poll and let us know!

At the end of this series, we will know exactly what you think of the German song this year… a third victory on the cards? Is it the best thing to come out of Germany since Mario Götze? What’s this mysterious black smoke anyway? Any other opinions – leave a comment!

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