ESC Views Pre-Contest Vote 2015 – Italy

Good morning, good evening, good day to you, ladies, gentlemen, and others.  Welcome back to ESC Views Pre-Contest Vote 2015, where today we’ll be tackling Italy! If this is all Greek to you then click here to find out more.  This year, Italy’s song is called Grande Amore, performed by three lovely lads calling themselves Il Volo.

I like languages, despite not having much of a capacity for learning them (although through numerous and extensive viewings of Game of Thrones, I now take pride in the fact that I know many High Valyrian phrases).  Grande Amore is one of the few songs entered this year that is in the entrants’ native language, and it makes me feel happy inside.  Now, I’ve complained about all the ballads this year, but HOLY JESUS ON A CORNISH PASTY.  THIS IS IT.  THE LORD COMMANDER OF ALL BALLADS THIS YEAR.  JUST LISTEN TO IT.

Our opinions:

Rory: I feel like Italy is very overrated this year. Il Volo is a teen remake of Il Divo..and the song is just so much of a cliché, Basim should have lent his song title to Il Volo..I’m sure that this will do fantastically well with the juries, but it doesn’t deserve to win in my eyes.. 3/12.

Reece: A classy, impressive Italian entry, which will do very well – fan response has been mostly positive, and the juries love it no end. I feel this will be the winner, but it could be a close-run thing. Shame it’s very chorus driven though. 10/12.

Lewis: The leader of the OGAE poll (as I write this), but I’m begging for Sweden to overtake it! I was annoyed enough when Italy won the JESC, taking the title from the much more deserving Sophia Patsalides, but if they won in Vienna, I’d be even more annoyed! For me, the song just doesn’t do enough to keep my interest. 4/12

Lauren: YES.  YES.  THIS IS THE BEST ENTRY THIS YEAR.  Now as a fan of classical music (Pachelbel’s Canon, anyone?) words cannot describe the utter joy I felt whilst listening to this.  This song is just amazing, and I feel that the juries will go wild for it.  12/12.

So, overall, we gave Italy’s Grande Amore a total score of 29 out of 48.  But what did you think? As always, have your say in the poll below!

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