Pre-Contest Vote 2015: United Kingdom

Welcome back to the ESC Views’ Pre-Contest Vote 2015! If you are unfamiliar with what this involves, do go ahead and click this link to take you to the ‘Launch Page’ of the competition. As more and more of these articles are written, they will be added to this page, so you can navigate between each country as you so wish. We’re finally there, the last of the 40 songs this year! It’s the turn of the highly controversial Electro Velvet and their even more controversial song ‘Still In Love With You’. They were internally selected by the BBC, which seems to be the preferred method nowadays.

Here’s what the jury members think:

Lewis: It isn’t a complete and utter travesty, although it gets pretty close. This country can do so much better. Enough said. 1/12.

Reece: I like our entry much more than I used to. It’s catchy, upbeat, and stands out. The scatting will not appeal to many viewers, and the genre is not exactly fantastic either, but stellar vocals and decent staging means either solid mid-table or a lukewarm assault on the top half. 7/12

Rory: I have to say that the closer to the Contest we’ve gotten, the more it’s started to grow on me. One can see both the good and bad points of this song (Alex’s scatting and the terrible blend of modern beats at the start and instrumental, to name but a few)…perhaps a lot of fans overreacted? It won’t make much of an impact on the scoreboard, but fair dos to the BBC for trying something different…but maybe let ITV try funding next year? Take a nice break!! 5/12

LaurenThis song is fun to listen to, purely because of how bad it is. Seriously now, who thought that this was a good idea? And dear God, the scatting! Cab Calloway is turning in his grave. Bianca’s got a good voice though, so she gets a point for that, and besides, I do have a weakness for swing music. 1/12.

Total: 14/48

Are you still in love with Electro Velvet? Influence the result here:

That’s all for the Pre-Contest Vote introductions, all that’s left to do now is – EUROPE, START VOTING NOW! (I’ve always wanted to say that) Do you have any other thoughts? Leave a comment down below!


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