Pre-Contest Vote 2015: Spain

So guys, welcome to this new Contest that we’re rolling out – the ESC Views’ Pre-Contest Vote 2015! If you haven’t heard about it and how this entire system will work, feel free to click this fabulous link to take you to the ‘Launch Page’ of the competition. As we manage to compile more and more of these articles, they will be added to the Launch Page, so you can freely hop between all competing 40 entries! Right, shall we get started?

So this is how we’re going to run this series of articles in which we’re going to cover all 40 entries for this year:

  • We’re going to take on these articles in the running order for 2015 (Moldova is first, Armenia is second etc). We’ll do one article a day.
  • We’ll refer back to the Song Presentation or NF Review of the song.
  • We’ll provide you with the video so you can have a listen (if you haven’t managed to listen to it yet…which is highly unlikely!)
  • We’ll also give you a few words from the three of us while giving the song a score out of 12.
  • Finally, there’ll be a poll below for you guys to vote and give us your points on the song!

Got it? 🙂

So, we’re FINALLY at the end of our Pre-Contest Vote 2015 with the sunny country of Spain who will send renowned Spanish superstar Edurne with her huge powerballad ‘Amanacer’ – or ‘Dawn’ when translated to English. Edurne was selected by RTVE to go to Eurovision way back in January, but it wasn’t until March that her highly anticipated song was presented to the public. ‘Amanacer’s co-composers are very well known – Thomas G:son and Peter Borström – both of whom co-wrote ‘Euphoria’ back in 2012, so w ill we see Spain take the title for the first time since 1969 in Vienna? That’s up to you to decide! If you haven’t heard ‘Amanacer’ yet, have a listen below!

Our opinions:

Rory – I’m afraid I’m going to have to go against the grain here and say that I don’t like Amanecer. Sure, it’s really catchy in the chorus (that e-e-e-o-o is addictive), but for me that’s all it is – just a bit of repetition. I feel like RTVE really overhyped the promotion of the song, and it’s just a bit of a letdown (I have a feeling that Kit Kat won’t have to give a free bar to everyone who retweeted that Tweet back in January!).   Score: 3 points out of 12.

Lewis –On the whole, I love the Spanish-language entries Spain offers Eurovision. Ruth Lorenzo last year was amazing, the same can be said for Pastora Soler in 2012. This year, the girl power will continue! It’s got a great tempo when you compare it to the songs it’ll be up against, and I’m predicting a high placing for this one.   Score:  8 points out of 12.

Reece – I think this is a tad overrated. An impressive voice, and Spain’s best chance in years, but it doesn’t have the legs to go on and win. Top five certainly possible, but no more.  Score:  7 points out of 12.

Lauren – No disrespect to Ruth Lorenzo, but I think that Amanecer is better than Spain’s entry last year! That being said, aside from a powerful voice and original sound, there isn’t really much to set this apart from the other entries…it’ll get far, but I don’t think it’s likely that it’ll win.  Score:  6 points out of 12.

So now that you know what we think of the Spanish song (after collecting 24 points of 48 from us), what do you think of it? Tell us by voting in the poll!

Did you vote? Well at the end of this series, we’ll know how many of you fans love/like/hate the Spanish song! In the meantime, stayed tuned to ESC Views, as we will be reviewing each of the semi-finals and hopefully going to be able to bring you the results of your polling by the night of the 23rd!! Hang on tight Eurofans, Eurovision 2015 is most definitely underway!

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