Album Review: Conchita Wurst – “Conchita”

So guys, with Eurovision 2015’s first semi-final literally only four days away, it’s hard not to get excited at the fact that the highlight of the year is almost upon us! However, today is also a very interesting day as the reigning Queen of Eurovision – Conchita Wurst – has finally released her début album, over a year since her triumph in Copenhagen! So what can we expect from this album and what do we make of the tracks on it? Keep reading, while we rejoice in the splendour that was Conchita’s winning Eurovision – ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’!

Since her Eurovision win back in 2014, Conchita Wurst’s schedule has been as busy as Ralph Siegel making key changes for Michele and Anita from San Marino (Sorry guys, it had to be said!), and she has been performing pretty much everywhere – various Pride festivals, the UN, the EU to name but a few; all at which she was advocating for tolerance of LGBT people, which in one respect is very admirable! On the other hand, we weren’t really hearing that much from her in terms of music – since her triumph in Denmark, we only had about two songs being released – “Heroes” and “You Are Unstoppable”. Luckily though, the album was finally made and is being released this weekend to the general public, so what a better time to review her début effort!

Conchita’s self-titled album -“Conchita” – contains twelve tracks and are each between 3 and 4 minutes long, so that gives the album a rough length of around 50 minutes, give or take. It becomes incredibly clear early on that there are two themes going on in this album – love and self-esteem. For example, in the song ‘Up For Air’, the first line is “Show me your scars, I’ll show you mine.”, which is pretty much a giveaway of what the album’s lyrics will elaborate on. Don’t get me wrong, having song about self-appreciation are great, but when you have that same theme running through the whole album….well, it can get a little tiring, if I’m being honest. I mean, the opening track on the album – ‘You Are Unstoppable’ – leads us directly in the theme of loving yourself, so I’m pretty sure one would get the feeling I’m writing about here…hopefully!

Musically, the album is quite modern and well-produced and is spread out between ballads and uptempo songs, but ballads do take up a good portion of the repertoire here, as Conchita is more comfortable in singing ballads, as she once said in an interview. However, the few uptempo songs on the album feel like they are…unfinished to a degree and Conchita’s vocals are there to make up for the lack of oomph they bring…For example, the best uptempo song on the album would be “Firestorm”, which would easily be heard in the gay nightclubs of Berlin or Paris, but even then, I feel like you are kind of left a bit underwhelmed afterwards…you’re left wanting more, but I don’t think you never get it. It still is the highlight of the entire album for me, however – its hook is incredibly addictive! The link to listen to it is below, as no one has uploaded a video for it – how nice!

We obviously can’t review every single song on the album, so here is a small list of songs we think you should have a listen to from Conchita’s album:

So, what can we say to sum up “Conchita”? Well, this is a really well produced, very slick first effort from everyone’s favourite Austrian bearded drag queen, and her vocals throughout the album are astounding and somersaulting, but the constant themes of self-appreciation and a yearning for love taint the songs a little lyrically. I know, with time, Conchita will start to write her own songs and as she continues to grow in popularity, the more experimental work she’ll produce and perhaps we might see her grow even more as an artist! If I was to rate the album out of 10, I’d give the album a respectable 6/10 – to sum up: it’s a good debut album, but she needs to expand her horizons both musically and lyrically – nobody wants a one-trick-pony!

So, what do you think of Conchita’s début album?

Your views:

What do you make of
What do you make of “Conchita”?

Robin Gustaf Karlsson from Sweden: I love “Where have all the good men gone” and “Up for Air”!

Heinrich Nammensen from Austria: The album is good! I still only like the songs that she has released before the album, but it will give me time to get used to the other songs.

Nina Voliarte from Italy: I don’t really like the album. The songs are very cheesy and Conchita’s voice is the only good thing on the album – hopefully she will make another album that can make up for it!

So, fans are pretty mixed about the album and its songs, but all in all it’s a generally positive message! So what do you think of Conchita’s début album? Have you had a listen to the full tracklist yet? Are you looking forward to new music from Conchita? What are your favourite songs from this one? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!!

2 thoughts on “Album Review: Conchita Wurst – “Conchita””

  1. I think the album is too late, if it was released a year earlier it has a lot of more attention

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