Sarah Dawn Finer would ‘love to make an appearance’ at Eurovision 2016

Hey everyone,

Shortly after the show tonight, I tweeted Sarah Dawn Finer, asking her if she wanted to make an appearance in Eurovision 2016, either as Lynda or as herself (or both), and she replied ‘I would love to if I get the honor..’.

Back in 2013, a number of fans were upset when Sarah was not given the chance to present Eurovision in her home country, despite having presented Melodifestivalen the previous year to high acclaim. Of course, she could make an appearance as not just herself, but her hilarious alter-ego Lynda Woodruff, who, rumour has it, to this day is still unable to pronounce Azerbaijan. I think allowing her to take both roles would be amazing, I wonder how many viewers cottoned on to that in 2013.

Personally, I think SVT should be listening to Sarah; let SDF host Eurovision 2016! Either that or let her represent the UK…

So, watch this space…


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