RÚV has “every intention” of taking part in Eurovision 2016

So guys, it’s possible that we might just have another country that be confirmed for Eurovision 2016! ESC Views can exclusively reveal that the Icelandic braodcaster RÚV will most likely be participating in next year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden and hopefully try to reclaim their track record of qualifying for the final!

In an e-mail sent to us here at ESC Views, Sigriður Hermannsdóttir from RÚV’s International Affairs department said:

At this time, RUV has every intention of participating in Eurovision 2016.

Although the e-mail was rather brief, it did clarify that Iceland aren’t going to let this year’s non-qualification for the final get to them. And of course, not everything is 100% set in stone for Iceland’s confirmation of participation for Eurovision 2016, but the signs are most definitely there. No method of selecting the artist for Sweden was mentioned, but more than likely the Söngvakeppnin national final method will be used to choose Iceland’s representative next year.

Iceland has been taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest since 1986, and has only missed two Contests in 1998 and 2002. Iceland’s best position in the Contest was second place that was reached in 1999 and 2009 respectively. The last time Iceland failed to qualify for the final before 2015 was eight years ago, when Eiríkur Hauksson narrowly missed out on the Grand Final back in Helsinki. This year, María Ólafsdóttir finished in 15th place of 17 in her respective semi-final.

Stay tuned to ESC Views as we cover Iceland’s journey in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016!

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