Eurovision 2016: It’s Stockholm!

After over one month of wondering, the venue of Eurovision 2016 has finally been revealed – the Ericsson Globe, in Stockholm! Stockholm, you may or may not know, is the capital of Sweden and the most populous city in the Nordic region, with about 1.4 million living in the urban area and 2.2 million in the metropolitan area (thanks, Wikipedia).  Stockholm syndrome – basically, when a captive begins to like their captor – is also named after the city.  But that’s not important.  At least, not here.

What is important is what this means for us as Eurovision fans.  Sweden has won the contest six times since its debut in 1958, making it the second most successful country behind Ireland.  Their first win was with Waterloo by the one and only ABBA.  Who hasn’t heard of ABBA? After their win at Eurovision 1974, they went on to achieve international success.  Not many Eurovision winners can boast of such a feat.  Per tradition, the 1975 contest was held in Sweden – Stockholm, to be exact, although not the Ericsson Globe, probably owing to the fact that it hadn’t been built yet.

The Ericsson Globe itself was actually built from 1986 to 1989 (that’s right – the thing took TWO YEARS to complete), and officially opened on the 19th February, 1989.  Since then the Eurovision Song Contest has only been held there once, in 2000.  That year, Sweden’s entry was “When Spirits Are Calling My Name”, performed by Roger Pontare, which placed seventh; the contest itself was won by Denmark, with the song “Fly on the Wings of Love” by the Olsen Brothers.

The Ericsson Globe also seems to have had lots of different things go on inside it.  Pope John Paul II held a mass there in 1989 (the first Pope to hold a mass in Sweden), and other religious figures – such as the Dalai Lama – have appeared there, along with the one and only Nelson Mandela.  In terms of music, the arena isn’t limited to just Eurovision – many acts including Mariah Carey, Cher and Drake have performed there.  The Ericsson Globe also holds the dubious honour of being the host of Eminem’s first and only Swedish tour, owing to the fact that he cancelled another appearance in 2005.

But what do you think? As always, here are just a few fan opinions:

S. Underhay – “It was always inevitable. Seems like the most obvious location.

P. Fairlie – “boring decision they took the easy option yet again, Gothenbourg havnt [sic] had it since 1985 so was their turn”.

E. Jernström – Great! Stockholm is the perfect city to have Eurovision in!”

E. Närehag – “Super happy. I mean, I live there so why wouldn’t I be?”

So, it seems as though there’s a pretty varied range of feelings about this.  But what do you think? Have your say below! Like us on Facebook if you feel so inclined, and look out for more articles!

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