National Final: The UK Edition

The last time the United Kingdom had a national final was in 2011.  Really, most of the UK’s national selection songs haven’t been that interesting, with the exception of 2007.  I’m sure we all remember the entry that year, right?

As somebody who is already terrified of being airborne, Scooch’s infamous Flying the Flag kind of scarred me.  All Europe need to do now is enter a dentist-themed song, and it’s likely I’ll have a panic attack every time somebody even mentions Eurovision.

A lot of countries – including this year’s winner Sweden – host national finals.  If this makes no sense to you allow me to clarify: the countries hold a nationwide contest to decide which song should be entered to Eurovision that year.  Sounds simple, right?  Well, apparently it was difficult for the UK to get their head around, or maybe they just didn’t want to suffer the embarrassment they felt in 2011; either way, the UK hasn’t had a national final for a few years, much to the chagrin of some people, but that’s all about to change.  This year, the UK is hosting a national final!

Having only been announced recently, people are buzzing with excitement about it, and predictions are constantly being tossed around about who will be entered this year.  Really, anyone can enter (if you’re over 18 and interested, then click here for more information!) but obviously they’ll be trimming all entries down to a suitable amount, so that they can be displayed on our screens (yay!) and we can vote for them!

According to Guy Freeman, the Editor of Special Events for the BBC, this year’s selection will “be the biggest song search for Eurovision the BBC has ever undertaken”.  In addition to this, Graham Norton, the commentator for the UK, seems pretty excited – “Eurovision is one of the highlights of my year and I love the fact that the BBC is launching its biggest song search ever. I think it really shows that they take the competition seriously and the fact that the public will get the final say on who is sent to represent the UK in Stockholm next year is the icing on the cake!”

Your Views:

M. Romano: “…There’s no guarantee the BBC won’t draft in a joke act anyway to make “good television”.

D. Cobbett: “The BBC definitely want to win, I really don’t think they’ll take the chance of a novelty act making the selection…

A. Ko: “An OGAE UK panel are helping decide the entries, so they’re bound to cut out the joke acts for Stockholm.”

As for me, I think this is a great idea.  I mean, it’s been a while since the British public had a say in our entry.  And there’s so much new talent around nowadays – ranging from Jess Glynne to Will Heard to Jasmine Thompson, and that’s without the undiscovered talent around the country, too! So really, it could anywhere…do you think the UK will just send in the usual camp trash-fest or will we actually have a chance with a decent song? As always, have your say in the comments!

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