Possible Artists 2017: France

Hey everyone and welcome back to the “Possible Artists” series! It’s been god-knows-how-long since we last looked at our top picks for the the upcoming Eurovision, so there’s no better time to start than now – and we’re off to France! France has just come out of Eurovision 2016 with its best placing in the Contest since 2002, and this is mostly down to a combination of things, but most loudly – the new Head of Delegation and a current song that was circulating on French radio and had the support of the French public. That combination turned itself into votes from all over Europe and earning Amir a very respectable sixth place. Now, with the 2017 Contest looming ever closer, it’s likely that France will be continuing this tradition of F-pop to try and maintain their spot on the left-hand of the scoreboard. So, who would we recommend to France Télévisions?

First on our list would be Héloïse Letissier, otherwise known as Christine and the Queens. This is the first song that has garnered some international recognition for Letissier and what a way to burst onto the music scene! “Tilted” – originally titled “Christine” and sung entirely in French, started making waves in late 2015 and has started to reach the English-speaking world, being played on radio stations in America, the UK and Ireland. The downtempo, yet cool-vibe beat of the song gives the song a unique, definitive edge and would set it apart from the rest of the competition, and as next year, we’re likely to be seeing more alternative songs, more focused on the songwriting rather than the general “get on the floor and dance” tone we’ve become accustomed to in Eurovision. Something along the lines of “Tilted” – and a tad bit trimmed down to meet the three minute mark – would be a great departure from the norm for France, and with a simple and Frans-eque staging, we could see a return to the top 10 for the country!….. or is that just me?

Also, on the list would be Tal Bernyerzi, but is better known by her mononym Tal. Like Amir, Tal is Israeli-French and sings songs in both English and French. This song “La Sense de la Vie” – “The meaning of life” in English – has proved to be Tal’s most successful single to date, despite being released in 2012. It’s Christina Aguilera vibe and general “get up and go” message, has had fans drooling over Tal going to Eurovision for years now, and who could blame them? Her soulful voice, coupled with a strong and flexible song vocally, we could see a strong effort for France next year and continuing on the “current” trend they have had, and we could also see a really good showing for France at Eurovision. Also, the last time a woman did well at Eurovision for France, was Patricia Kaas seven years ago in Moscow, so why not update that next year in Ukraine?

Other Artists:

Below are a couple of other singers who we’d hope would accept an offer from France Télévisions if it was given to them:

Kendji Girac – “Elle m’a aimé”
Nekfeu – “On Verra”
M.Pokora – “Le Monde”
Jul – “Mon Bijou”

Your views:

Who would like to represent France next year?

Olexandr Leonenko from Ukraine:  I would love to see Kendji Girac as a representative of France in Ukraine at Eurovision 2017!!! France, please, beg you, send Kendji Girac and France will win the contest with him!!!

Michael Romano from Australia: Christine and the Queens would be on my list of potential artists and I’d also like to see Kendji Girac and Jain. I think all 3 are capable of getting a decent result for France.

Ingrid Neighbour from the United Kingdom: Indila, even though she’s always said no in the past.

Dana Seute from the Netherlands: I love Christine! Been a fan of her since 2014, she’s getting more famous each day so if France doesn’t send her in 2017 I honestly think they’re too late.

Judging by fans, it seems likely that fans are campaigning for Kendji Girac to go from his successful career post-The Voice and bring France to its sixth triumph in the Contest. But will it happen? It seems unlikely, as his name runs through the rumour mill every year, but one can dream, can’t they? Anyway, we’d love to hear what you think about our choices and your own opinions about artists! Should Christine and the Queens take it to Ukraine next year and fly the French flag, or should it be another French artist? Who would be on your list to represent France in Eurovision? Be sure to let us know your opinions by commenting below!

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