Possible Artists 2017: Ukraine

Hey guys and welcome back to our “Possible Artists” series, where we look at our top picks at who we think should represent their country in next year’s Contest in Ukraine, and who better to look at than the host nation itself? With Jamala’s striking – and quite honestly, surprising – victory in Stockholm, we’re all off to Ukraine next year (although where does seem to remain a mystery, as NTU doesn’t seem to manage a deadline). Ukraine has always delivered something individual to the Contest and as we have seen in previous editions, it normally pays off, resulting in consistent finishes on the left-hand side of the scoreboard. Now, with Jamala’s unique brand of self-penned alternative electronica, we’re set to see an enslaught of songs from all around Europe which focus on the songwriting and offer their own unique style to the show.

But who should represent the home country next year? There’s so many artists on offer, but these are our top picks:

First on our list is the absolutely mesmerising ONUKA. This band (which is mostly represented by lead singer Nata Zhyzhchenko) was established a mere three years ago, but has since become one of Ukraine’s most popular artists, with their debut album being the best-selling album on iTunes in Ukraine on its release date. This song – “Time” – was released in 2015 and is one of the band’s most defining singles. The subtropic house genre gives this song a very calming feel and the use of folk instruments, such as the bandura and the sopilka, gives it that very ethnic tone, a theme that Ukraine seems to pride in their music. The lightness of Nata’s voice as well as the vocal distortion also help accentuate the modern feel. Of course, a song like this would have to be edited down to make the 3 minute mark, but if NTU would send a band like ONUKA with a song like ‘Time’, or another song like ‘City’ or ‘Vidlik’, Ukraine could do very well next year and maybe rectify the horrific result they last had when they played host eleven years ago. Why not continue with the alternative, Ukraine? It’s worked out well before!

Should Ukraine decide that alternative isn’t the way to go, I’d recommend Lama to be an excellent substitute. Lama shot to fame in 2005, and since then have released 3 albums and have become a massive band within Ukraine. This song “Lish Til’ki Ti” – roughly translated as “Only You” – comes from their latest album, and is quite the floorfiller, which for Eurovision would be a great asset to have, as you can get the audience onside straight away. The video shows lead singer Natalia Dzenkiv in the Dubai desert gradually stripping off until the point she’s naked..I obviously don’t speak Ukrainian, so I’m unsure why she is doing such a thing, but the song is a great, radio-friendly song that could do well for Ukraine and would try and get them back on track with the pop tunes they’re used to sending to Eurovision. Whether they actually act upon it or not and take up the offer and join the Eurovision family remains to be seen..

Other Artists:

We have loads of artists that we love that are massive in the Ukrainian music scene, but unfortunately can’t

Vivienne Mort – “Hotika”
The Hardkiss – “Perfection”
Valentin Strykalo – “Nashe Leto”
Max Barsikh – “Podruha-Noch'”

Your Views:

Who would you like to see following in Jamala’s footsteps?

Svana Lístí Agnarsdóttir from Iceland: I would LOVE if Onuka would represent Ukraine, it’s my favourite artist from Ukraine, not including Jamala of course. If she represented Ukraine next year, I’d be very happy!

Ilias Kozantinos from Cyprus: Max Barsikh was such a hottie when he took part in 2012. Please let him come back, and then he can storm to victory – what he deserves!!

Marek Nowacki from Poland: My dear friends in Ukraine, send THE HARDKISS and you will win again the Eurovision!

Aage Larsen from Norway: I’ve always been a little skeptical of Ukraine’s entries at Eurovision, but if Tina Karol was interested in returning to Eurovision, I’d be content with that, as she is the only Ukrainian song I actually enjoyed in their time in Eurovision.

So there’s quite a diverse range of artists that some Eurovision fans would like to see represent Ukraine next year, but who will actually have the honour of representing their nation on home soil will remain to be seen. But who would YOU like to see represent next year’s host country? Is there one artist that we’ve not looked at that you would like to see on the list? How well do you think Ukraine will do next year? Be sure to let us know your opinions by commenting below! (And mayyyyybe, we’ll have a host city soon…*patiently waiting*) 😉

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