ESC’17: Kyiv To Host

So, this was as a little unexpected to see, but it turns out that the EBU and NTU have finally revealed which city will host Eurovision 2017. It’s been quite a long four weeks, but now we know that Kyiv will host the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in the International Convention Centre. The decision was revealed in a press conference held by NTU and the EBU. The official dates for the Contest have yet to be confirmed, but it is likely that the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest will take place on the 9th, 11th and 13th of May 2017. You watch the video of the winning bid’s promotional video here:

The final phase of the bidding process kicked off after Dnipro, Odessa and Kyiv were shortlisted all the way back in July. Since then, the representatives of the EBU (including the top boss, Mr. Jon Ola Sand) have been carrying out inspections in the last three cities in the race, being guided by the old favourite, Timur Miroshnychenko. Once these inspections were carried out, the EBU held a meeting with Ukraine’s national broadcaster last night to give their reports of the inspections and, in conjunction with NTU, officially finalised the details and made the decision as to which city would host next year’s Contest………and then the host city reveal got postponed from July 27th to August 1st to allow cities to “elaborate on  their bids”, including to reach the technical specifications required to host the Contest set by the EBU…..and when that came around, the reveal postponed indefinitely….until FINALLY, today at 11:00 GMT/12:00 CET, we got to hear which city will be hosting the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. NTU definitely don’t know how to stick to a deadline, but we should be thankful, it could have been a few weeks into the future before we’d find out.

Of course, extensive work has to be carried out in Kyiv to prepare the city for the fans and journalists set to descend on the city for the two weeks, but I expect them to have it ready in time – they were incredibly passionate in the bidding stage to have Eurovision. But who did YOU think would be the winner? In the run up to the shortlist, we created a poll with all six cities and these were the results:

  1. Lviv: 46 votes (34.59%)
  2. Kyiv: 38 votes (28.57%)
  3. Odessa: 35 votes (26.32%)
  4. Kherson: 7 votes ( 5.26%)
  5. Dnipro: 4 votes (3.01%)
  6. Kharkiv: 3 votes (2.26%)

Total votes: 133

According to you, the favourite to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 was Lviv, with a massive 35% of the vote. Unfortunately, Lviv didn’t make the cut, which came as a surprise for many fans, but I suspect that the fact that Lviv would need to receive 70 million hryvnias (roughly €2.5 million or £2.1 million) to simply build a roof over their arena. Kyiv and Odessa quickly followed, which was no real surprise, as Kyiv was regarded as a front runner from the beginning, while Odessa became a dark horse after Jamala and Lara Fabian gave their public support to the bid. Kherson took fourth place with only 7 votes, despite needing to practically rebuild their arena. Dnipro and Kharkiv completed the line up, each not gathering much support. What’s surprising is that Dnipro made it to the shortlist over Lviv, but that is mostly due to the fact that Dnipro would be willing to completely rejuvinate the city to accommodate the Contest.

Once the three shortlisted candidates had been announced, we started a second poll – this time for just the shortlisted cities which closed on August 1st at 10:00 GMT, and these were the results:

  1. Kyiv: 18 votes (47.37%)
  2. Odessa: 18 votes (47.37%)
  3. Dnipro: 2 votes (5.26%)

Total votes: 38

Although we did have considerably less people voting in this final poll, we were surprised to see that Kyiv and Odessa have tied for first place with 47% of the final vote, while poor old Dnipro finished last with a measly two votes. Perhaps Dnipro fell at the final hurdle due to its location in Ukraine, or the chance that it was the smallest city left in the race. Odessa and Kyiv had a big cult following, but it seemed that more fans were rallying behind Odessa, to show the “other side of Ukraine” that NTU and Jamala talked about.

So! That’s it! We now know where we’ll be off to next year and what exact dates we’ll be off to Kyiv for. Are you happy with the decision? Where would you liked to have gone to? Do you think they’ll put on a fantastic show like how Stockholm did three months ago? Be sure to let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

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