Jana Burčeska to Kyiv for FYR Macedonia!

The next artist to sing at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, Ukraine has been revealed. It was disclosed tonight (Monday November 21st 2016) that MRT has selected Jana Burrčeska to represent FYR Macedonia in the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest. This marks the third artist to be selected for Eurovision 2017 in Ukraine, following the announcement of Hovig for Cyprus and O’G3NE for the Netherlands. So who is Jana Burčeska? And what are we to expect from her when she takes to the stage in the International Exhibition Centre?

Jana Burčeska rose to fame in Macedonia when she finished fifth in the first series of Macedonian Idol in 2011. Since then, Burčeska has graced the stage of Skopje Fest three times; in 2012, 2013 and 2015. Outside of music, she has also been an ambassador for the UNICEF project to tackle violence in the education system in Macedonia. Jana has stated that her mother is the one who introduced her to music, and who pushed for the singer to attend singing lessons, regularly stating that she is truly grateful to her mother for the inspiration into music.

Burčeska’s announcement comes as Macedonia faces a string of non-qualifications. FYR Macedonia has not been seen at a Eurovision finale since 2012, when Kaliopi delivered a successful 13th place in Baku with “Crno i belo”. Since then, FYR Macedonia has failed to qualify, the most recent attempt in Stockholm leaving Kaliopi out of the final by 17 points. Coupling this with poor results from the recently passed Junior Eurovision, it can be said that Eurovision is not popular within the country at present. Will Jana change things next year in May?

Jana’s style of music would be typically classified as generic pop, but also influences of rock and alternative can be noted. If we were to put it in the context of previous Macedonian artists at Eurovision, the closest participant to Burčeska’s style of music would most likely be Tijana Dapčevic, who represented FYR Macedonia in Copenhagen in 2014 with “To the Sky”. Could this result in another non-qualification for the Balkan nation? Well, Jana has a strong, emotive voice and if she is given a powerful song, with an emotional and personal message, it’s very much possible to see FYR Macedonia come back to the final after a five year drought. However, not to put a damper on Macedonia’s track record, but the entries have been rather underrated by the fandom in recent years. So if there is a possibility to win the fandom over with next year’s effort, that will seriusly boost Macedonia’s chances of being a contender for the title in Kyiv next May.

So, what do you think? Will Jana live up to expectations and deliver a strong performance? Or will she end up following in the footsteps of Esma/Vlatko, Tijana, Daniel and Kaliopi and continue the non-qualification spell? What sort of song would you think MRT will give Jana for the Contest? Will you be supporting Macedonia in Ukraine next year? Be sure to let us know what you think by commenting below!

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