Nathan Trent to represent Austria in Kyiv!

Another artist has been revealed in the run up to the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest in Ukraine. Nathan Trent will fly the Austrian flag in Kyiv next May and it’s fair to say that the fan’s response to his reveal has been pretty positive! Trent is now one of ten artists who have been internally selected  for the next Eurovision Song Contest in Ukraine. The artist is pretty unheard of in his native Austria, but will he be able to take the Contest back to Vienna in 2018?

Trent’s selection was pretty unexpected as we had heard nothing from ORF regarding artists or song selections. However, when he was suddenly announced in late December, fans have reacted positively towards to the decision, with many pondering the question ‘Who is he?’. Trent is no stranger to casting shows, taking part in his first televised competition in 2003 at the age of 11. Since then, Nathan Trent has been perfecting his style and participating in projects across Austria and Germany. In 2016, Trent released his first single “Like It Is”, and this gives us a sense of his style of music nowadays; there are elements of ska, RnB and pop, which is very contemporary and modern. The song is very radio-friendly and highlights his soulful and wide-ranging voice. The addition of a great few dance moves suggest that a potential dancebreak is on the cards for Austria’s performance in Ukraine.


In total contrast to “Like It Is”, Trent’s stirring cover of Lukas Graham’s ‘7 Years’ shows that he is capable of singing the pants off a ballad! This is a really strong rendition of the song and shows the versatility of his voice; could this mean we’re going to get a strong, yet emotional song in Kyiv? In an interview with The Euro Trip, Trent was not giving much away in terms of the production or style of the song, but hinted that his self-penned song will definitely contain within it “a positive vibe”. It looks, thus, that Austria may be straying away from the trend of a deep and heartfelt ballad along the lines of ‘1944’ or ‘Botë’ in Albania; instead, Nathan Trent looks set to get the party started in the International Exhibiton Centre next May! Either way, be prepared for a stunning performance by a man with a powerful and soulful voice, who could easily take Austria to the top 10!

So, what do you think of ORF’s decision to internally select Nathan Trent? Are you supporting him or do you wish another artist was flying the flag for Austria in Ukraine in May? Do you think Nathan will do well or sink, and what sort of song do you think will be revealed? Be sure to let us know what you think by commenting below!

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