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Nathan Trent to represent Austria in Kyiv!

Another artist has been revealed in the run up to the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest in Ukraine. Nathan Trent will fly the Austrian flag in Kyiv next May and it’s fair to say that the fan’s response to his reveal has been pretty positive! Continue reading Nathan Trent to represent Austria in Kyiv!

‘Highway’ heading to Eurovision for Montenegro!

First it was Douwe Bob for the Netherlands, and now we know another act that will be taking to the stage next year for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest! Montenegro only announced the other day that they will be taking part in the show, but have already gone ahead and revealed the name of their act, hoping to bring the contest to the Balkan nation for the first time in 2017.

For the first time in Montenegrin history, a boy-band will represent them – named Highway. Peter Tošić, Marko Pešić and Luka Vojvodić are the members, and earlier this year they finished fourth on X Factor Adria, the second season of the Balkan X-Factor. A professional jury decided they would be best to represent Montenegro next year. They’ll be hoping to improve on thirteenth place last year with Knez, their best result to date.

Below is a link to a video in which they perform their first single, a soft-rock number named ‘Bar Na Kratko’ (For A While).


Here are some early opinions on the decision…

Your views:

What do you think of
Thoughts on Highway?

Robert from Poland: Highway will represent Montenegro in Stockholm #Eurovision this is something completely different – I like them

Danny from Belgium: ugh, they’re not even cute

Eugene from the UK: I think it is a good move for Montenegro, a move away from the general “fuddy duddy” image to a young modern image. However I’m not sure this trio offers anything unique or different, but it will depend on the song of course

But what do you think? Let us know with your opinions down below! Also, an article regarding Douwe Bob for the Dutch should be up soon!

Worst in Twelve: Where the UK went wrong in Eurovision 2015

Hi everyone,

Let me be honest, I could see this result coming from miles out. Electro Velvet came 25th with only 5 points, 60% of these coming from San Marino. This has left some hardcore EV fans scratching their heads as to why the UK crashed and burned for yet another year, achieving their worst finish in points since the infamous nul points of 2003. So, what did go wrong? Continue reading Worst in Twelve: Where the UK went wrong in Eurovision 2015