‘Goodbye To Yesterday’ is Estonian entry in Vienna!

Tonight it was Estonia’s turn to select their Eurovision entry for 2015. After failing to get through the semi-finals in Copenhagen last May, you might say a lot was riding on this national final, and in the end they plumped for ‘Goodbye To Yesterday’, another duet into the mix – Stig Rästa and Elina Born!

Luisa Värk opened the show with a cutesy number, which involved a swing-set and a fake patch of grass on stage. It was pleasant enough to listen to, but was lacking in great support, and ended up in last, as many expected it probably would do. Maia Vahtramäe’s gentle ballad (translated as ‘Over the grey-blue sky’) fared very much the same – gentle blue lighting and dreamy vocals weren’t enough, but it was confidently performed by the female singer.

Song three was the huge favourite – ‘Goodbye to Yesterday’. Not too far off a million views on YouTube, and touted by many fans as a potential WINNER of the show in Vienna, it was simplistic, but wonderful. Slightly different from the semi-final, Elina stood behind Stig, and then moved forwards a moment later. The whole thing was in black and white (remember the opening to Estonia 2013? Very much the same), and even though there might not be huge amounts of chemistry between the duo, you could very well argue it matches the tone of the song. Inspiration may have stemmed from The Common Linnets, but this is less American country and more tinged with jazz elements – Elina’s black bow-tie loose around her neck and Stig’s relaxed gazes into the camera… could this go down a treat in Austria in a few months? As one fan said on YouTube a few days ago, ‘Estonia would be mad not sending this to Vienna’. They might want to dispose of the array of cheap IKEA-like lights though… Up next was the Kali Briis Band with ‘Idiot’, the most alternative entry of the night. Although it’s infectiously catchy after a few listens, there was not much else to suggest this could be a surprise winner in Estonia; but it was a bit of fun!

Robin Juhkental stepped up with ‘Troubles’ next, as he aimed to go to Eurovision for the second time (after 2010). His jazzy number was seen as a good shout for first place, and the camera moved between him and the backing musicians throughout. Alas, it ultimately lacked enough oomph to succeed, and missed out on the super-final. Sounded a tad like Ruffus in 2003 (‘Eighties Coming Back’).  Also, what was with the tuft of grass on the keyboard? ‘Burning Lights’ by Daniel Levi really got the crowd going – this rocky tune was performed with immense gusto, and a stage-dive at the end typifies the feel of the whole song. Another stand-out track from the Estonians this year, but in the end  it wasn’t to be for young Daniel, whose lights simply ‘burnt out’ – see what I did there?

‘Superlove’ was a sickly-sweet ballad from pretty Elisa Kolk. Wearing a black dress and singing over a piano melody that sounded like a whole bunch of other songs, it was good but not quite good enough. One wonders how this would’ve done in Vienna. The Blurry Lane sang ‘Exceptional’, which was a potential winner. This had a lounge feel to it, and every female member of the band was dressed in red and black. The verses were rather slow, while the chorus took the tune up a notch. Good vocals and a strong performance however.

Elephants From Neptune were the penultimate act with ‘Unriddle Me.’ An indie/rock track coupled with flashing white lights, I like it far more than before. The lead singer’s raspy voice may not have been to everybody’s taste, and it maybe is too repetitive. As a result, it didn’t win, not did it even come close. Finally, Triin Niitoja and John4 sang ‘This Is Our Choice’, a lovely folky/pop ditty with a driving hook. Their voices complemented each other well, and I could certainly listen to it well after the contest in May, but the public and jury didn’t see enough in it. As such, we won’t be seeing a banjo on stage from Estonia in the competition this year…

As for the results, the jury liked Elephants From Neptune considerably more than anybody thought they would, but they missed out on the super-final which say Stig and Elina, Elisa and Daniel battle it out one last time for victory. Elisa came third, a very respectable result, before Stig and Elina triumphed, sending Euro-fans on Twitter into a frenzy. After several attempts for Stig (in bands that is), and a second attempt for Elina, the two of them will head to Austria this May.

But what do you think of the song?

Your views:

Was Il Volo the right choice for Italy?
Was Goodbye To Yesterday the correct decision?

Pete from United Kingdom: Estonia may well have won Eurovision tonight.

Angus from United Kingdom: Yey Elina & Stig ❤ the Baltic States really are shaping up to be a triple-threat this year.

Devidas from Lithuania: Fantastic choice Estonia! It was born to finish at least in top 10!

Tim from The Netherlands: Your horrific actions from last year shall be forgiven. Love you Estonia ❤

Judging by those opinions, many seem to think the Estonian winning entry could be a success story at Eurovision this year? Disagree completely? Let us know down below!

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