What If

Here is a list of all the articles in our “What If” series – the editorials where we look back at Eurovision 2013 and speculate on what may have happened had different aspects of the contest been different. This list will be updated as new articles are posted, so do keep checking back here to keep up with all of them!

‘What if’ topics from the 2013 season:

What if… Macedonia sent “Imperija”?

What if… Belarus sent “Rhythm of Love”?

What if… Germany drew second half?

What if… “O Mie” was kept in English?

What if… Anouk didn’t rescue the Netherlands?

What if… Serbia kept their National Final costumes?

What if… “Gravity” wasn’t changed?

What if… Krista didn’t have the lesbian kiss?

What if… Norway sent “Bombo”?

What if… Robin didn’t make it through Andra Chansen?

What if… Bulgaria sent “Kismet”?

What if… Denmark drew first half?

What if… the UK didn’t send a “has-been”?


‘What if’ topics from the 2014 season:

What if… the performers played their instruments live?

What if… Sweden had sent “Busy Doin’ Nothin'”?

What if… Conchita did’t have the beard?

What if…”My Słowianie” was kept in Polish?

What if… there hadn’t been so many Balkan withdrawals?


‘What if’ topics from the 2016 season:

What if… Sergey didn’t have the wall?

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