Top 10: Cutest girls in ESC history

Hey guys and welcome back to yet another countdown of the best and worst things in Eurovision history! Today, we’re getting steamy and counting down the top 10 cutest girls that the ESC has ever seen. Once upon a time, you couldn’t have luscious outfits and be plastered up in make -up… Oh how the Contest has changed since then! So who is the cutest/sexiest girl that has ever took to the Eurovision stage? Well let’s find out!

sexy girls article
Who’s the cutest/sexiest girl that was ever at Eurovision?

So, little notice here: not to be ageist, we have put a couple of elderly women in here, but it’s for the sole fact that they inexplicably cute just for the way they were on stage and/or dealt with the press. Also, picking the top 10 was about as hard as the Czech Republic getting more than 10 points (if they ever come back…), so we do apologise if we missed out on certain women, but it was literally THAT hard to pick the best 10. Got it? Great! Let’s kick off then!

10 – Elena Risteska – Ninanajna (FYR Macedonia 2006)

So to get things going, we’ll start off with one of Macedonia’s better-looking contestants; Elena Risteska. Elena was arguably one of the hottest contestants in Athens in 2006, and she had the body to match that song! She definitely used sex appeal for that performance and I’m sure many people were enjoying that performance! It seems that Europe did as well; by the end of the voting, she had finished in 12th place, Macedonia’s best placing to date! Her voice wasn’t the only reason the song did so well… she was definitely Woki-ing her Popo (thanks a lot Trackshittaz!).

9 – Kalomira – Secret Combination (Greece 2008)

Well if FYR Macedonia is anything to go by, it seems that the Balkans are proving that there are sexy girls on that part of the continent. And Kalomira is no exception! Is it just me or do I have a feeling Kalomira is up for a little bit of bellydancing? Well, she definitely was at Eurovision anyway! It’s fair to say that Greece was one of the stand-out songs in 2008; and not just because of the song I must say! The song is definitely Greek ethno/pop with an *amayzin* dress change at the end of the first chorus.  SHAKE THAT THANG, KALOMIRA!

8 – Tina Karol – Show Me Your Love (Ukraine 2006)

Okay, we seriously have a problem with Ukrainian women at Eurovision (which basically has been every artist they’ve sent… with the exception of 2003, 2005 and 2007)… they’re always so beautiful! How cute is she?! And that high note… just woah. She was such a cutie in Athens, and that dress of hers was just stunning (although I wouldn’t fully agree with the boots). For me, she was one of the ‘hotties’ in 2006 and I think that statement would be met with a round of applause, although mandatory clapping at this present moment isn’t needed! But let’s face it, she was beautiful and she had the great song to go with it. By the way, I just love that little dance at the end of the performance; how cute!

7 – Esma Redzepova – Pred da se razdeni (FYR Macedonia 2013)

This is where the anti-ageism kicks in. We know Esma wasn’t good enough for the final, hence she didn’t qualify, but how cute was she around the press?! She was completely herself with no outside influence in her answers, although she did need help from the translator, but to fair, who didn’t? Now, you may not care for her being in the top 10 at all, let alone #7, but you have to admit she was cute with the press and what was even just as nice was that her last words on the TV were”Thank you Sweden!”, her first words in English. So for James and I, Esma definitely deserves the spot, she lelelele-d her way there! Well done Esma, you little bunch of cuteness!

6 – Yóhanna – Is It True? (Iceland 2009)

So will we take a break from the East of Europe and journey over to Iceland? Great, because Iceland gave us the beauty that is Yóhanna.  The dress itself wasn’t very conventional, but her looks and indeed, her voice, definitely made up for that outfit! Damn, she was amazing in Moscow! I loved the fact that she didn’t need to move around the stage too much and be under a strict dance routine, although I am aware of the fact it’s a ballad. And may I note that we’d see two other Icelandic Eurovision entrants (Hera Björk in 2010 and Euroband’s Friðrik Ómar in 2008). The song was just as good as Alexander’s, but it seems that Europe loved his song JUST a little bit more, and by more, I mean 169 points ‘more’. However, in my opinion, she was definitely one of the most beautiful girls in the 2009 Contest. (CONTROVERSIAL!)

5 – Natalya Pugachyova – Party For Everybody (Russia 2012 – as part of the Buranovskiye Babushki)

No, we’re not including all 6 of the babushki, but we’re giving a special mention to the cutest one of them! Which one is it though? Of course, it’s the little one! Words cannot describe how insanely cute she is, it can only be expressed by dancing on the spot and waving your fists about… like the way she did! Oh, also by hogging the camera in the instrumental section of the song, and almost stumbling over the cameraman in the process; that bit was so cute and when she carried on was just so admirable. I bet she enjoyed those cookies (or whatever pastry that was being cooked in the rotating oven) after the performance! I hope I’m not the only one who just wants to give her a massive hug!

4 – Lena Meyer-Landrut – Satellite/Taken By a Stranger (Germany 2010/2011)

I could have just called her Lena, but her name is just too brilliant to cut down. When she performed in Oslo, she was just so cute, petite and innocent, but when she was performing in Dusseldorf, the sexy-ometer was definitely broken by the end of that simply stunning performance. What a transformation!! It shows just how much a year can make when it comes to being a singer. I myself was in the arena for her jury final performance and she was just as sexy as ever. Both songs were amazing and it would be fantastic if she did Eurovision again, but we’ll have to wait and see… can someone get ARD on the phone, please?

3 – Zlata Ognevich – Gravity (Ukraine 2013)

Oh Zlata, how much do we love you!! As much as we love that big giant bundle of happiness that is Igor, he wasn’t the cutest person on the stage. I think it would be fair to say that Zlata is the Queen of Eurovision 2013 (OOOOH, CONTROVERSIAL!!), but she’s also the proud title-holder of the Best Looking Contestant this year (EVEN MORE CONTROVERSIAL! I know I’m gonna get in trouble for that!). The fact she didn’t need a whole dance routine (like Yóhanna) just raises the level of cuteness for her. She is just off the scale and the way she handled the press was just fantastic. And ‘Gravity’ is easily the best song that Ukraine has sent since ‘Shady Lady’. I’m also not sure of this, but did anyone else just love her hair in the final? I know, weird much?

2 – Sirusho – Qele Qele (Armenia 2008)

Probably the most overrated artist at Eurovision in 2008, isn’t Sirusho one hot woman?! The girl definitely knows how to work a dance routine and her audience too. Easily one of the most recognisable song in Belgrade, she definitely wowed Europe with her pop/Armenian folk track, and it’s no wonder that she finished in 4th place; so far, Armenia’s best placing. One part of the performance that I’m sure everybody liked was when she pumped her boobs out. I swear that nearly everybody was copying each other! Look at Kalomira, our #9, for example. STOP TOUCHING YOUR BOOBS, LADIES!!

So you’ve seen the 9 cutest and/or sexiest ladies that have ever graced the Eurovision stage, but for our #1, I’d say that nearly everyone would be agreeing with me! Do you?

1 – Ani Lorak – Shady Lady (Ukraine 2008)

Didn’t I tell you that Ukrainian women are just too beautiful?! I mean, look at the top 10! Three Ukrainian women in the countdown, including the simply fabulous Ani. Although Sirusho was good at controlling her audience, Ani was definitely the sexiest woman that took to the stage in Serbia and boy, did she deliver! I mean, the woman was on all fours, for God’s sake! On the sexy-ometer, Ani would smash the scale to pieces. Plus that outfit was very provocative! But it wasn’t just the “sexy woman image” that helped her reach 2nd place, she also had the brilliant light-up-box that her backing dancers were presumably, trapped inside, at the beginning of the show. What a show it was, and I guess the intriguing lyrics reflected that. But if you thought the Eurovision performance itself was provocative, just look at  the video! It’s just as revealing as her Eurovision dress… but who cares? She’s our #1 Sexiest Woman in ESC History! Congratulations Ani!

Your views:

So as you can see, Ani Lorak is our sexiest woman in ESC history, but who’s yours?

Do you agree with the top 10?
Do you agree with the top 10?

Paul Didden from the Netherlands: I’m not really into girls, but I would say Gina G.

Nelly Takis from Greece: The cutest is definitely Kalomira!

Tommy Engström from Sweden: Tereza Kerndlova.

Temuri Ikoshvili from Georgia: For me, it’s definitely Ani Lorak.

It seems that 2008 isn’t just the year of the joke entry, but it’s also the year of the beautiful singer, according to both the fans and the top 10! It’s also good to see some versatility and thanks to Paul Didden, we also have Gina G too! But what we’d like to know is what you think of the top 10! Who would you put in or take out? Did we miss anybody? Let us know by commenting below!

P.S. This post is our 50th post! Thank you so much for all those views and comments. It’s great to hear what all the ESC fans think. Be sure to keep checking with us for more articles like this in the run up to Denmark 2014!

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